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Our Funding Process

How It Works:

Applying is easy, but to make sure the process is fast, our experts will help you narrow down the most appropriate financing program from the start. If you would like to get going, our FAQs below should answer your questions and describe our process in detail.

  • No Personal Guarantee & No Collateral Required*
  • Quickly Get Funded Within a Few Days
  • Past Credit Issues May NOT be a Problem
  • Approvals Within 24 Hours, See How Much You Qualify For, Apply Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leverage my minority ownership in a business for personal financing?

We require at least 51% ownership to close on a deal. 


My business just started. Can I still I get finance approved?
We are unable to help fund start-ups. However, if you have been open for at least three months and can provide official documentation of your sales history, you are a candidate and should not hesitate to apply. In fact, it will be a short and simple process.


Is your financing personally guaranteed and do you require collateral?

Most of our programs do not have a personal guaranty or collateral. These details will be communicated to you by our funding experts and in writing.


Is there a fee just to apply?

No. There is no cost or obligation when you apply to Comerser Financial.


What is your interest rate and monthly payment?

Because we service such a wide scope of industries, there is no single rate or payment system that we advertise. Some of our programs have no interest rate at all and are instead structured as a fixed cost with virtually unlimited time to repay. Our funding experts will be happy to learn more about your business and create a personalized program with transparent terms and costs.


Do I need to mail in signed hardcopies of the application and contract?

No. We happily accept all documentation sent to us by fax or e-mail.


What steps can I take to ensure I receive the funds as fast as possible?

To expedite approval and funding, we encourage you to submit all requested documentation within 1 (one) day of submitting the initial application.


Can I apply for multiple financing programs at once or am I limited to choosing only one?

Our experts will assist you in selecting the most appropriate option in the beginning, but you are certainly able to apply for as many programs as you wish. However, if you receive multiple approvals, you are usually limited to choosing only one of them.


Business Financing

Step 1

Complete the application

Step 2

Submit documentation via fax or e-mail. No hardcopies are necessary

Step 3

Receive an offer (some applicants receive several offers to choose from)

Step 4

Receive funding in as few as 2 days.